Bitcoin cena desktop widget


Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has been consolidating in the previous weeks as the sentiment and momentum have slowed to a crawl. That’s very natural, as it’s also impossible to throw a six every time. Therefore, consolidation and correction are necessary for the market to recharge before resuming the uptrend.

It combines a simple yet intuitive design to bring the ever-changing cryptocurrency market prices to your desktop. BitTab isn’t intrusive. Once installed, the ticker sits above your taskbar, updating the prices of the cryptocurrencies you set. Shows bitcoin price provided by CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index in a browser toolbar. Get the most accurate BTC price using an average from the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges. Show small bitcoin button in browser toolbar with price update each minute from CoinDesk Bitcoin price index (BPI). What Is BitTab?

Bitcoin cena desktop widget

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By default, this widget displays live charts and prices based on BTC to USD exchange rates. That said, you can select any fiat or cryptocurrency to be the widget's quote currency. BitTab is a cryptocurrency (coin) ticker widget available for windows. It is very simple and intuitive for users. BitTab displays the values and prices of a variety of cryptocurrencies that are available on various exchanges worldwide.


Possible values are "light", "dark". To enable Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price information, add bw-cash="true".